Should NCAA players get paid? One side wants college athletes to get paid their share of revenue deserved, due to what they do for their school in sports and marketing. The other side believes that a full-ride scholarship and gear for the sport is enough for the student athlete.

In my opinion, students should get paid, but not an excessive amount of money — just enough to where they can eat and buy affordable stuff for their daily lives. NCAA should at least pay them their part of income from jersey sales or anything to do with their name to get part of the revenue.

If the NCAA does agree to pay student athletes, the students themselves may stay longer at the school because some have to support families at a young age; that’s why many athletes leave in year one or two to go professional. They should get paid 15 percent of the annual revenue with items sold related to their image.

Examples of these are posters and jerseys. Thomas Graham Jr., football player for the Oregon Ducks, agrees, and said, “Yes, I feel that we should get paid. Just look at the revenue we bring in for the sport, but how much money we get back.”

A college athlete has a full-time job that forces him to miss school during tournaments and get nothing in return. This would change that.

Rene Baldonado Perez
Student, South Eugene High School

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