The letter from Jonathan Guske (3/15) was a nice bit of retroactive justification. “Safe injection sites” for drug users already exist. They are the homes, vehicles and backyards of those fellow users and community members who are quite prepared to enable an addict in their self-destruction.

It sounds like Guske already has an idea about the location of these proposed “officially recognized” sites. Maybe the shuttered houses of the previously functional families laid waste by the acquiescence to the widely accepted behavioral degeneracy that this “community” appears to condone and even embrace.

Mr. Guske, want to up the ante of this vile game of servitude to vice and promote prostitution and child abuse at these “sites” as well?  Sounds like a great location to lure a previously rehabilitated wife and mother off for some “nurturing,” and maybe a referral to a pre-Oregon Country Fair “barbecue” to be dutifully advised to leave their devoted husband because they just don’t need a “square” who’s never done hard drugs in his life to be interfering with “who you really want to be.”

Might as well throw in a childcare room at the site, complete with a stuffed bear in a sweater named Jonathan to cuddle with while mommy is being “nurtured” in a back room. I see your “safe site” plan, Guske, and raise you a solution.

Raymond William Colby