Americans of all ages from every corner of our nation are standing together to demand action against gun violence. The sight of hundreds of thousands of patriots across the country speaking out for change at the March For Our Lives demonstrations was more than inspiring. It was a sign that there has never been more energy and urgency behind the demand for sensible gun reform.

The wisdom and courage demonstrated by so many young people who suffered a horrific tragedy galvanized our nation. The marches are a wake-up call to members of Congress and candidates running for office that America has had more than enough and will vote accordingly in November.

I am immensely proud to have participated in the huge demonstration in Eugene. I will continue to advocate forcefully for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s national three point plan that: expands background checks to all gun purchases; bans assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines; and enables extreme risk protection orders to remove guns from those at risk to themselves and others.

Eighteen years ago I was a young teen in support of the Million Mom March, which was the largest national protest of gun violence in U.S. history. Today, that title has been passed down to the current youth of America.

I welcome a new generation to the fight, and I look forward to working with them through the midterms and beyond in this fight to save lives.

Curtis Taylor