It seems the county commissioners don’t realize that the commission is the first level of government for all rural, non-incorporated areas of Lane County. They represent the first line of defense for those citizens protecting their health, safety and welfare.

They have failed as a body over the years to assume the just response to this citizen alert: Aerial toxic spray victims are no less than collateral damage to industrial logging. There is no other place under our system for effective redress of invasion by toxic drift. In 40-plus years of herbicide spray, the liability for such a horrendous invasion has failed to be established.

Where is government’s protection of its people? Where is our treasured initiative system giving the people the right to direct democratic vote regarding our health, safety and welfare?

Simple truth No. 1: Fifteen thousand people want to vote on their right to be free from aerial toxic trespass.

Simple truth No. 2: The Lane County Commission can refer the charter amendment to the ballot as an initiative.

Linda Kanter


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