It is important to have representatives who fight the battles for equity and justice. It is even more important to have representatives who can win them. We are blessed to have Marty Wilde as such a candidate in the primary election for House District 11 on May 15.

In his childhood, Wilde’s family lived below the poverty level. From this came his appreciation for the public investments that helped provide them with food, housing, medical care and education. He understands that Oregon today needs to invest more in our own citizens, not less.

Wilde has proven his compassion and empathy through his work on a wide variety of public projects and issues. As an attorney prosecuting sexual abuse cases and promoting environmental law, as the executive director of the Lane County Medical Society, as a member of Eugene’s Budget Committee and the Police Commission, he has shown his commitment to progressive public policies and responsible government.

When it comes to adequate funding of public education, safeguarding the environment, protecting women’s health, subsidizing childcare and expanding healthcare for Oregon residents of all ages, Wilde knows how to fight the battles. And he knows how to win them.

Robert Pinger