Please reassure me that the proposed 2020 Democratic ticket of Joe Biden for president and Oprah Winfrey for vice-president (Slant, 3/22) was a prequel to your Eugene Guillotine issue (3/29).

Don’t you see that Winfrey has a lot in common with President Trump? Both are TV personalities with no background or knowledge of how government works on any level from local to international. Both have made a lot of money using their name as a brand. Neither one is fit for the highest elective offices.

The difference is that Winfrey is a nice person — which is the last word I’d use to describe Donald Trump.

And Biden? Come on, it’s time for all the Democrats in their 70s and 80s to step into the role of “Elder Statesperson” and let the young politicians (50 and 60 year olds) move up into higher offices.

Candace Shorack