Chaos Creation

The ever-changing L.A. duo formerly known as Smoosh visits Eugene

Photo by Kelia Anne and Luca Venter

Asya Saavedra who, along with her sister Chloe Saavedra forms LA duo Chaos Chaos, says her band took its name from a species of amoeba called Chaos. A defining characteristic of the species is a flexible cell wall, allowing the organism to constantly change shape. “Our band is always changing,” she says, “trying new things.” Chaos Chaos saw their profile rise after the track “Do You Feel It?” was featured on the insanely popular Cartoon Network Series Rick and Morty. Saavedra tells me they had no idea show co-creator Justin Roiland was a fan when one day they received the phone call asking for permission to use the music. The song is moody and romantic indie synth-pop with elements of contemporary soul and hip hop. Overall, Saavedra calls her band’s music “atmospheric” with “a lot of feeling.”

While currently based in LA, the sisters grew up in Seattle and lived for a while in Brooklyn. They’ve been playing music together since they were teenagers. At that time, they performed under the moniker Smoosh. As Smoosh, the duo opened names like Bloc Party, Sleater-Kinney and Cat Power.

Saavedra tells me that place influences Chaos Chaos’ sound. “I like to be in a different headspace when writing,” she explains.

Now, Chaos Chaos is preparing to release their debut full-length album in May. Limited edition physical copies of the album will be available at tour stops, prior to release date. The album has “a more free approach,” Saavedra says. “Everything has a live feel to it.” And on the band’s first headlining tour as Chaos Chaos, they hope to capture that feeling in their performance, playing everything live, she says, with “no samples, no tracks.”

Chaos Chaos plays an early show 7 pm Sunday, April 15, at Hi-Fi Music Hall Lounge; $10 advance, $13 door, 21-plus. 

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