In the two decades I’ve worked with Kevin Matthews, I’ve really appreciated his understanding of the social, economic and environmental opportunities for moving Lane County forward — opportunities squandered by the majority of the county commissioners and their last-century timber-first mentality.

Matthews’ intelligent and studied grasp of economic issues; his eagerness to explore Lane’s “other” timber problems … timber tax subsidies and log exports; and his willingness and courage to speak up for the majority are attributes desperately needed to begin rebalancing political and economic power in Lane County.

We hear constantly from the county commissioners that more federal logging will bring rural prosperity, a 20th-century myth that is even less real today. Most federal timber sales are purchased by urban mega mills, often logged by out-of-town operators and provide little rural community stimulus except for helicopter noise and log truck traffic.

Matthews has realistic plans for rural prosperity, including low-interest small business loans and low cost high speed internet. He exemplifies the qualities we need to move us forward in Lane County, not hold us back!

Roy Keene