I am voting for Mindy Schlossberg for the at-large position on the EWEB board.

The EWEB board is very important because the decisions it makes have a huge impact on the lives of people who live in our community and on the health of our local environment and the quality of our lives. Schlossberg has a strong commitment to environmental and fiscal responsibility including reducing our carbon footprint, and water and watershed protection.

She has a strong commitment to helping families in our community who have limited resources and need affordable housing and utilities. We need a strong leader on the EWEB board, one who can see the big picture and provide strategic guidance to achieve accountability and someone who will work hard to make good things happen.

We need a person who can listen to others and understand various points of view. We need someone who can work well with others to come up with practical solutions that achieve our shared goals and reflect our shared values.

Schlossberg has these qualities; she is a strong leader, she is a great communicator and she demonstrates solid values of accountability, fairness and sustainability. Mindy is the best candidate for EWEB commissioner.

Judy Newman


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