I had a meeting with my accountant on Saturday and she informed me that my taxes will go up by $7,000 next year. It seems I’ve lost my trucker allowance and gained the new $6,000 general deduction. Gee, thanks Donald.

Many of my experienced colleagues are quitting the road for good because of new regulations. This isn’t going to help. We get blamed for accidents, when in reality the huge majority are the result of errors by cars around trucks.

So there is now a critical driver shortage. Mindless, unsuitable incompetents are replacing us. I have a second truck. It’s been empty for two years. Can’t find a qualified driver. I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown.

Is it any wonder “pride in your work” is seldom heard anymore?

Well, I intend to do the best I can and work on. I will live within my means even though the city, the state and the nation can’t spell “budget,” let alone understand the word’s definition.

I wonder what he’ll do next?

Peter Tildesley