Scientific evidence has proven man-made carbon emissions are responsible for global warming and climate change. We are fortunate in Eugene to have candidate Zach Mulholland, who has done extensive work locally to mitigate these changes, running for the EWEB board.

Mulholland worked to assist the city of Eugene to pass a Climate Recovery Ordinance in order to reach its future climate reduction goals. Currently, he is structuring with council a home energy score policy, and he has been a pro environmental lobbyist in Salem supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

If elected to the EWEB board, he would like to establish an electric vehicle and rooftop solar incentive plan, and motivate customers to use more carbon friendly electrical appliances.

Mulholland is a member of the Sustainability Commission and is chairing a subcommittee to study the environmental impacts of the proposed EWEB Riverfront Redevelopment Project and the University of Oregon North Campus Plan. His commitment to the community and environmental preservation is foremost.

We all need to continue the campaign to cleaner energy sources for current and future generations. I urge you to vote for Zach Mullholland for EWEB at-large commissioner May 15.

Jim Neu


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