I’ve worked closely with EWEB candidate Zach Mulholland for more than four years crafting the 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Bill for Oregon. I’m always struck by how knowledgeable Mulholland is with the complexities of cap-and-invest, working with legislators to understand the larger picture and how these programs can help all Oregonians.

Mulholland founded Divest UO, was vice-chair of OSPIRG and currently is on Eugene Sustainability Commission — and he’s a clean energy lobbyist. He knows people and how things work in Salem. He would be a strong leader for the energy transition work necessary at EWEB.

Raised in rural Oregon, candidate for Dist. 11 Kimberly Koops may be young, but she has plenty of legal and political experience as a law student, legislative intern for Senator Merkley, aide to Congresswoman Bonamici and a fellow for Ron Wyden.

Koops’ well-rounded résumé should fill Representative Phil Barnhart’s big shoes nicely! “Youthful exuberance?” Yes we can! Sorry, Marty Wilde, but you lack any real government experience.

Robin Bloomgarden