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Eleventh annual Record Store Day celebrates real deal record shopping

After the internet blew up recorded music’s manufactured scarcity, freeing the commerce of sound from wax and plastic, it didn’t take long for people to realize a little something was missing.

Whether it’s downloads or streaming, online music lacks the thrill of the chase, the warmth of analog, the community of face-to-face interaction and the fetish-y addiction of clutching an object in your hands.

So, 11 years ago, Record Store Day was started to remind us — through exclusive releases from artists both classic and new — that magic still existed behind the doors of these hallowed establishments.

Skip Hermens, owner of Skip’s Records & CD World, says Record Store Day — to be held this year on Saturday, April 21 — is one of the biggest days of the year for many indie record shops.

“It has grown every year,” he explains. “The lines get longer, the releases increase in numbers and everyone has a great time.”

Hermens says he’s looking forward to an exclusive release this year from one of his personal favorites: Neil Young. Young’s Record Store Day release is a Tonight’s The Night-era live recording from a 1973 show performed at the famed Los Angeles venue The Roxy.

Among other special events, at noon on Record Store Day, Skip’s Records welcomes a free performance from Eugene post-rock band This Patch of Sky. “It’s always a weekend party,” Hermens says, “not just Saturday.”

Skip’s Records & CD World is at 3215 W. 11th Avenue. For more information check out gotocdworld.com.

Christie Hill from House of Records says any extra attention paid to independent record stores is a good thing.

“It’s become a ritual for our customers to get in line early for their chance at getting a limited-edition item,” Hill says. “Exclusive albums and reissues are pretty exciting and cool, but having four record stores locally — especially in 2018 — is reason enough to celebrate.”

Hill’s looking forward to Record Store Day releases this year from Arcade Fire, Los Sospechos and The Grateful Dead. This will also be the second year House of Records has teamed up with 16 Tons Beer and Wine, located just across the street from House of Records on 13th Avenue.

“We encourage people to take their new records across the street to 16 Tons,” Hill explains, “and have one of our employees play your record [at 16 Tons] for you while you try the beer.”

House of Records is at 265 E. 13th Avenue. To find out more go to facebook.com/houseofrecords.

Epic Seconds in downtown Eugene will celebrate Record Store Day by opening an entire second floor dedicated to vinyl and collectibles.

“We have a newly renovated 1,400 square feet of retail space dedicated to records and collectables,” Epic Seconds manager Dave Van Pelt says. “This is the first time in nearly 30 years that the upstairs has been accessible to customers, and we are incredibly excited to share it with the community.”

Van Pelt is looking forward to Record Store Day exclusive “Pussy Cats” from Harry Nilsson and John Lennon. “The Blitzen Trapper kids’ album sounds like fun, too,” Van Pelt adds.

Epic Seconds is at 30 E. 11th Avenue. Go to facebook.com/epicsecondseugene for more information.

Opened just last summer, Moon Rock Records, located in west downtown, will not bring in Record Store Day exclusives this year. Given its everyday selection of deep essentials and absolute must-haves, dropping by Moon Rock is a don’t-miss stop in your Record Store Day shopping spree.

Moon Rock Records is located at 277 W. 8th Avenue. For more information search facebook.com/moon-rock-records.

For a full list of Record Store Day exclusive releases go to recordstoreday.com.