World War 3, anyone?

Nuclear-armed Russia already has military personnel and warplanes lawfully in Syria. Yet the U.S., UK and France all threaten to attack Syria following the chemical weapons incident there over the weekend — without investigation and despite good reason to suspect the terrorists themselves caused the incident.

How convenient for the terrorists: Just when President Trump said the U.S. might leave Syria soon, there’s another CW “attack” in a militant-held area.

Do I say those photos are faked? Not at all. But evidence of past atrocities has been manipulated to frame the Syrian government.

Remember when ISIS “militants” burned alive a man held in a cage? Or the video of them parading the head of a 10-year-old boy they had just cut off with a long knife? I believe they’re fully capable of poisoning civilians themselves and framing the government to influence U.S. policy.

Could they do that? Last month, the Syrian army discovered a well-equipped chemical laboratory run by the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta. Not one Western reporter investigated. But journalist Sharmine Narwani produced a report, with photos.

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Robert Roth