Over the past several years EWEB has made many important decisions to improve service and manage costs. We re-negotiated our Carmen Smith Dam relicensing plan, saving millions while still providing fish passage. We revised our emergency water source plan and are now working with 4J on an innovative neighborhood approach. We sold a hydroelectric dam in Idaho. We took advantage of low borrowing rates to refinance our debt.

Our new general manager promises even more to come.

These successes require a high level of trust and alignment between and amongst the EWEB board and management. We work through difficult, sometimes painful trade-offs. We compromise to balance our goals and values. We have great momentum right now.

I ask you to help us sustain it by voting for Mindy Schlossberg for the at-large EWEB seat. She’s smart and hard working. She’s committed to fiscal and environmental responsibility. She focuses on the big picture. And she works well with others.

Steve Mital


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