My father is a veteran. Although Oregon State Representative candidate Marty Wilde is a couple decades younger, he and my dad have a lot in common. They both grew up on public assistance and turned that public generosity into a lifelong passion for community service.

In the coming months, you’re going to hear a lot about Wilde: prosecuting sexual assault cases in the military, advocating in Salem for education and health care, serving on the police commission and as the executive director of Lane County Medical Society. But that’s not why I’m voting for him.

I’m voting for Wilde because of his quiet service at Egan Warming Center, keeping watch overnight or cooking breakfast in the morning.

I’m voting for him because he consistently uses his voice to empower folks who have less privilege than he does.

I’m voting for him because I’ve seen first-hand the empathy, intelligence and experience he brings to everything he does. And I know that when he gets to Salem, he’ll cast his vote for us.

This May, House District 11 will be choosing Phil Barnhart’s replacement and I urge you to vote for Marty Wilde. And go to wildefororegon.com and volunteer your time or money. That’s what I’m doing.

Sean Shivers


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