As a newly retired elementary school teacher, I have seen the student behaviors escalate dramatically over the years. I believe the students are acting out due to classroom size, where it can be difficult to get their needs met by a teacher who needs to enforce classroom management in order to keep those test scores up.

Teachers and students need opportunities to build relationships in a loving environment that is not overcrowded. When behaviors become unsafe to the group, schools need to provide counselors, psychologists and space in the building to work with these students.

Oregon currently has the third-worst graduation rate in the nation! If this is something you want to see addressed in the coming future, please vote for Marty Wilde as Democrat for State Representative. He has children in our local public schools, has been an active member of their PTO and sees first-hand how schools are in need.

Wilde plans to make better funding for state education a top priority and believes we are under-funding education by at least a billion dollars per year.

Please support the candidates who support our schools and our future.

Susan Kay Byerley


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