This challenge requires an informed leader with eyes and heart wide open to the urgency we collectively face.  I have known Tim Laue for 19 years and he is that leader.

Tim Laue isn’t running [for East Lane County commissioner] to prove anything; he is stepping up to contribute his very best effort to the task of bringing people together to form effective communities that cherish the environment and each other.

His plans include employing a representative from each watershed to help organize and bring forth their unique story and voice. Problems and barriers are being identified and solutions will be developed through shared strengths and vision.

He is and has always been a fierce advocate for the most vulnerable in our county. Tim was recently asked to mentor other court-appointed special advocates (CASA). Foster children in Lane County are amongst the most vulnerable with no voice.

Laue not only offers a wealth of experience and accomplishments to the role of East Lane County commissioner, he has the necessary depth and wisdom required to navigate the stormy seas upon us and ahead of us.  He is willing to take the helm and will trust in the stars (all of us together) when all the old maps fail to provide direction.

That is why I support Tim Laue and am asking the EW readership and editors to take a deeper look into what this dedicated citizen has to offer.

Elizabeth Chandler


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