Berney Has Ideas

We met Joe Berney at a CareWorks meeting. All county commissioner candidates were invited; however, Berney was the only Springfield candidate to attend. We were impressed by his energy, openness and willingness to listen to all, not just the moneyed and influential. Although he’ll represent Springfield, he’ll respond to the needs of all Lane County.

Berney invited Susan to speak at his healthcare forum on April 14, where we learned a little about how he has overcome medical and life challenges that have formed his views on people’s needs.

Two physicians and Susan discussed how Lane County could utilize current funding streams to provide healthcare to all area residents. It is possible to provide health care for all without spending more!

Berney has a long track record of helping people.

The Register-Guard endorsement says it best when asking why voters should elect Berney for Springfield county commissioner: He has fresh ideas. He has experience in creating family-wage jobs and successful businesses, teaching — including obtaining retraining funds for displaced workers — and creating affordable housing.

Joe Berney does not need to be Lane County Commissioner; Lane County needs him.

Susan and Lee Bliven