Bow to the Phallus

Kudos to the speakers at the April 23 City Council meeting deservedly trying to save the historic Hayward Field east bleachers from the White Knight Privilege Plan.

After all is said and will be done, the White Knight knows what is best for the University of Oregon and the city of Eugene. History reveals the suppression of public input; meanwhile, the White Knight completes renovation plans, weighs suitable contractors and secures donor names for the bronze plaque on the Bowerman Phallus.

As the community frets over whether they will be discomforted by the sun in their eyes or the rain falling on their heads while watching gladiators run circles on the rubberized urethane track under a plastic prophylactic, the city struggles to provide its residents an environmentally healthy future. The carbon count from this unnecessary construction project along with a new 2.5-mile NW Fracked Gas line from Ferry Street to LCC on 30th Avenue adds to the city’s inability to reduce carbon reduction goals of the Climate Recovery Ordinance. 

The City Climate Action Plan must be immediately implemented and the UO, as a relied-upon large-lever stakeholder, needs to lead with carbon emission reductions. Proposed and current projects on campus need to fuel the switch to electricity, use sustainable products, and eliminate the fracked-gas thirst.

Soon, the environment will set priorities, but then it will be too late and even the White Knight won’t be able to comfort you in your plastic seat.

Jim Neu


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