Buch Helps Vets

I am supporting Heather Buch as a candidate for Lane County commissioner for District 5. She owns and operates her own small business, while acting as the special projects director for St. Vincent de Paul.

As the construction manager for the Veterans’ Housing Project, I had the opportunity to work closely with Buch and came to know her very well. She has coordinated the repairs to multiple homes for many returning veterans. Her eagerness and passion were the driving force that led to the ultimate success of the project. 

As a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam era, I experienced firsthand the need to support veterans for housing and education. Buch was very respectful and dedicated to the housing efforts for the program and to the veterans that would benefit from our work.

I was a general contractor for over 42 years in this area. During my time as a managing partner I met many small business owners, and I can honestly say that Heather Buch would be a strong leader and a competent commissioner for the county. She would represent all of the people of the district, and continue her quest to help families attain affordable housing, including our veterans.

Randy Lodge