Dean for Eugene

Vote for Christopher Dean, Eugene City Council Ward 5. As a residential Realtor, he has a keen sense of the community. He recognizes the need of affordable housing for the homeless, working poor and elderly.

Dean will work as a member of the City Council to address issues of public transportation, traffic safety and taking a community approach to resolving social concerns. With these and other issues he will bring unique talents and perspective.

Dean is running against an incumbent for this seat on the City Council. The incumbent is running for a fourth term. Twelve years is enough. We can do better.

The incumbent seems bent on representing business interests at the cost of the public interest. The incumbent made this very apparent during the last City Council meeting wearing a T-shirt promoting his private business interest. We can do better.

The incumbent is also praised for being contrary. This is not a virtue. We can do better.

As a member of the Eugene City Council, Dean will work in a corroborative manner to maintain and improve the livability of Eugene for everyone.

Vote for Christopher Dean, Eugene City Council Ward 5.

John Janis


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