Empath Politics

I’d like to bring a little kindness into the elected auditor discussion. Folks on both sides are upset. Political empaths such as myself feel concerned for everyone involved.

Though I disagree with the criticisms offered by the opponents of Measure 20-283, I believe they’re acting on good intentions. Yet no matter how I stretch my mind, their preferences still seem to lead back to benefiting the few rather than the many.

I feel disheartened to see an apparent lack of respect for plain old democracy. That phrase may sound outdated in an era crying out for transparency and accountability, but our city needs more democracy, more citizen empowerment, more independent checks and balances — not less.

I have empathy for the people who perceive flaws in the elected auditor plan. There’s a drive in human nature to see what’s missing, to make things more our own.

I believe in taking time to include all perspectives; At the same time I have no confidence in our City Council’s ability to meet the objectives that the citizens’ initiative clearly and effectively does.

Please contact everyone you know to ensure they’ve sent in their “Yes” on 20-283 and “No” on 20-287 ballots.

Lisa-Marie DiVincent