Keep City Accountable

 Some opponents of Measure 20-283 claim an elected auditor would insult the accountability of current city employees. Rank and file city employees see the problems with waste and mismanagement. They recognize them earliest, often the only witnesses.

Several years ago, four large city-owned trees were cut down near Morse Ranch. I saw no good reason why, so I contacted the Parks department. They were completely unaware of ordering it and promised to investigate.

Later, a Parks employee confided to me that a different city department had ordered it, one with money left in the budget they “needed to spend,” so they hired a private contractor to cut the trees. I was told it was a mistake.

City employees have been early and strong supporters of the elected auditor. They know it establishes a professionally certified, adequately funded watchdog that will benefit city employees as well as taxpayers.

In addition, eight retired city councilors are drafters and/or endorsers of 20-283. All have direct experience with city budget irregularities. They have nothing financial or political to gain from an elected auditor — just have a civic responsibility to see Eugene’smoney spent wisely.

Vote “yes” on 20-283.

Ralph McDonald


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