Super Kent

I’m writing in response to those naysayers who have expressed views that candidate Nora Kent lacks sufficient experience for the job of county commissioner.  

The naysayers conveniently ignore the fact that the incumbent commissioner had no economic or government experience when first elected. His background solely consisted of being an engineer, with absolutely no community or public involvement.

Kent has demonstrated a successful track record of being a grassroots community organizer as well as a first-rate educator. This position comes with no prerequisites other than being honest, ethical and dedicated to following the rule of law while serving the interests of the people.

The incumbent commissioner has not demonstrated the ability to serve his constituents other than to provide excessive favoritism to the wealthy timber barons and other narrow-minded special interest groups who poison our water, land and air — and worse yet, undermine the fundamental principles of our democracy.

This race is about whom we the people want to represent our interests, ideas and moral values. This race is about sending a clear message, from the local level, that representative democracy is alive and well and will not be suppressed by a few powerful, evil and undemocratic interest groups.

Kent will protect us from the dangerous political views expressed by the Tea Party incumbent and his extremist buddies.

In the case of the incumbent, some experience should not be repeated. It’s time for positive change — please vote and support Nora Kent for West Lane County commissioner.

Bill Fleenor