Vote Koops

I see our suffering education system firsthand as a high school senior at a Eugene public school. Kimberly Koops is endorsed by the Eugene Education Association and has the sole endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers.

During health class, our school resource officer told women in the class not to wear “provocative clothing” because we would be “asking for it.” Koops knows that victim blaming like this has no place in our schools or society.

It is impossible for those who have never experienced sexual assault to represent survivors adequately. Koops is a survivor of sexual assault and has drafted legislation to support survivors. She also helped increase access to funding for curriculum that teaches about healthy relationships and prevents sexual assault. 

Koops has the strongest education endorsements of anyone in the race, and I know she understands the issues facing today’s students. She believes all students should be able to go to school without the fear of an active shooter on campus, and she is a Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Distinguished Candidate.”

Koops stands for everything we need to be moving towards, so vote for Kimberly Koops by May 15.

Carmen Lessley