This is about EW’s Cannabis issue, and “enforcement” of Idaho’s fraudulent prohibition (“A Beacon of Green for Idaho,” 5/3):

According to Vol. 16 of American Jurisprudence, fake laws enacted to commit fraud and other crimes “under the color of law” (like slavery, etc.) are “null and void, as if they never existed.” Official conspiracies and “enforcement” of fraudulent laws are illegal acts of treason.

Government officials swear to protect the Constitution and citizens “from enemies, both foreign and domestic” (here and elsewhere). Police officers, prosecutors, judges and others who perpetuate prohibition of cannabis based on lies are guilty of treason, the worst of all felonies.

Yet, the death penalty seems too easy. Banishment seems unworkable. What’s our best alternative to death by firing squad?

Give greedy traitors the choice to forfeit all assets and live as homelessness bums, with a tattoo on their forehead, showing their status. Optionally, they could live and work in FEMA camps, for rehab and job training. Let them do forestry work, or work in organic greenhouses, plant and harvest orchards, raise free-range fowl, cattle, healthy fish and other nutrient dense foods.

Is that too harsh? For money and fame, official fraudsters upheld 80 years of corruption, perversion of law, countless false arrests, prosecution, imprisonment, irreparable damages and incalculable costs.

Gandhi said the triumph of evil is possible only when good people stand by and do nothing about it. Should we end the criminal empire of evil funded by prohibition, finally?

Michael Monterey


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