We’re living through the sixth mass extinction. We see this firsthand in Lane County. Oak savannah is the most endangered habitat in the United States.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife lists more than 27 species on its “strategy” list, meaning they have low or declining populations. Several of these are endangered.

Ken Rosenberg of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes “the top three threats to birds” as being “habitat loss, habitat loss and habitat loss.” He says we’re losing the battle for bird conservation “acre by acre.”

In this context, a group of neighbors and I are fighting a multi-million dollar “McMansion” development project in our area. “The Vineyards at Gimpl Hill” describes itself as a selection of “gracious estates” for “secure, sophisticated country living … the premier development in Lane County for discerning people.”

This project will destroy or impact 80 acres of prime wildlife habitat home to deer, elk, bears, cougars, wild turkeys, bobcats and a wide variety of other species. 

Destroying large areas of habitat and impacting the area with higher traffic and additional access roads is a course of action I cannot support. These ostentatious houses will cost millions, and the developer (Roy Carver) stands to make millions more.

On June 5, the Lane County Board of Commissioners will meet at 1:30 pm at the Lane County Public Service Building (125 E. 8th Avenue) to discuss. If you care about wildlife habitat in Lane County, please attend this meeting and speak out against this project.

Max Wilbert


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