First Principles

Does WAR (Wacky Arrogant Religious) define “US” as a people, wallowing around in a quagmire of fear, greed and hate? Where is the consensus in agreement with the republican form of government constitutionally guaranteed?

Instead of regulating commerce, commerce regulates congressional representatives in agreement with dollar-driven megalomania. Those who know don’t tell, and those who don’t know wave the flag for profit — but for the sake of profit they seem to have lost the reasons for the republic.

The means commensurate to culturally evolve into the republic for which the U.S. flag stands is a constitutional renaissance.

In spite of more than two centuries of thought to the contrary, the original Constitution remains common ground. It’s flawed, but context provides insight into its people-based polity, the first principle of which is the consent of the governed.

Jon Meadow


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