Love Ganja

Love is the only way there is.

We are all just messengers showing off LOVE! The definition of love is cooperation, and actions always speak loudest. Just like there is neither a devil nor a god, there is not evil. You would never know it if you asked other people though. Too much fear and ignorance. Beliefs are handed to you by others, knowledge comes from within. Knowledge comes from awareness and experience. Maybe you have heard: Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

Praise and blame are all the same. Praise and blame mean absolutely nothing, except maybe to the foolish bully who gives it. Praise and blame come from the unconscious personality, not your conscious, higher self. For me personally, ganja connects me to my higher self quicker. Here’s another personal lob, screw the ducks, GO GANJA!

Peace, love and all that hippie stuff.

Joe Canfield


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