Save The Wood

I recently wrote two letters to the “new” Register-Guard and hand-carried them to the offices on Chad Drive. Neither was published. The second letter was in reference to Hayward Field and the destruction of the East Grandstands. Here is the gist of that letter (I didn’t keep a copy … it was hand-written):

It is inevitable that the structure will be demolished, but here is a hint that might work. Save the wood! Some craftsperson will be able to create a scale model using the wood salvaged, and maybe in decorative ways in the building of a small museum to house that model along with other track-and-field memorabilia.

That would (thankfully) eliminate the blankety-blank phallic symbol that is currently proposed.

Thank you for considering my idea. I hope someone latches onto it and runs like crazy!

JoAnn Napier


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