Spend Smart

In the letter “Bow to Your Corporate Overlords” (May 31), Jacob Dials lamented the greenwashing of today’s natural products industry. As someone who works in this field, I (and many of my cohorts) also feel tricked into supporting corporations we’d rather avoid.

Instead of bowing down to the corporate overlords, let’s participate in a counter-revolution. March your dollars across the counters of local retailers to purchase products from family-owned companies with integrity like Carlson, Natural Factors, Nordic Naturals, Redd Remedies and Barlean’s, to name just a few.

Practice these counter-revolutionary tactics at any of Eugene’s independent natural-food/natural-health stores — Sundance, Kiva, Capella, Red Barn, Friendly Street Market, Evergreen Nutrition, Mountain Rose Herbs or Mrs. Thompson’s Herb Shop.

In addition, the regional chain Natural Grocers (from Colorado) is also family-owned and has an admirable corporate ethic.

Don’t bow down to the corporate overlord; rise up and ally yourself with local/independent businesses and conscientious companies who contribute to a better world for all of us.

Paula Hegarty


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