A History of Evil

The current U.S. policy of confinement of brown babies in concentration camps should come as no surprise.

Our country has a long history of white exclusiveness (racism) starting with the active government and religious-supported genocide of the Native American population; the enslavement of millions of blacks for the benefit of white landowners; the family gathering picnic-style lynch parties after the Emancipation Proclamation; Jim Crow laws; the illegal imprisonment of Japanese citizens during WWII as the feared “yellow peril” (while white Germans were ok).

When Chinese laborers finished building the transcontinental railroad, the promoted fears of “yellow hordes” taking over jobs resulted in persecution, lynching and killing of these undesirables.

We have a sordid history of dehumanizing other races, usually justified by warped “Christianity” and white supremacy. The separation of brown babies from brown mothers and imprisoning them in “tender age” concentration camps is just another sordid chapter of white racism. 

Enough of our population (indirectly) elected a known racist, and we got exactly what was promised. The Trump regime is simply evil, and those who support it are knowingly complicit.

Daniel Schlender


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