Immigrant Truths

People who steal bikes or forge checks rarely face jail time, let alone federal prison or the loss of children, because those are misdemeanors. But so is illegal border crossing. So why are immigrant families treated differently, torn apart and imprisoned?

It can’t really be about deterrence. The U.S. didn’t warn Mexico first.  

It’s not about numbers. Since 2000, border arrests have plummeted from 1,600,000 to about 300,000 annually. 

It’s not about gangs. They’re less than 1 percent of crossings.

It’s not about crime. Immigrants are half as likely to offend as those born here. True, drug traffic is up at the border. But California Border Patrol says they just need more agents.

It’s not about human trafficking. That’s less than 1 percent of border crossings.

It’s not about welfare. Undocumented immigrants don’t qualify for benefits, yet they pay $12 billion in annual taxes.

It’s not about taking American jobs. Crops are rotting and meat packers closing.

It’s not about the law. Nothing requires putting infants in cages.

What it’s really about is evil, ugly, raw, dehumanizing racism that treats brown families as political pawns. Trump’s reprieve is incomplete. Don’t let up. Reunite the families.

Rachel Rich


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