It’s The Cartels

Immigrants and their supporters need to quit trying to solve the immigration problem through begging and appealing to conservatives. There are one billion peoples in the American continent; a third of them are in the U.S., and the other 670,000 comprise the rest. 

Why do such a large number of Latinos think coming here is “the solution”?

The answer is complex. The culprits fall into three interconnected and interdependent sources of pressure that squeeze people against our borders: drug cartels, free trade agreements and negative interventions by the U.S. Until now all of our interventions south of the border have been problematic at best.

But a solution hides under this. One thing that we Americans have to spare is our military.

Let’s use it to take control away from drug cartels by ejecting the poisoned fruit from the drug trade: its illegality. People will never be talked out of their love affair with drugs. If leaders are there to fulfill the wishes of their constituents, then they should direct our strength to destroy the monopoly cartels have, which has been one reason driving immigrants into the U.S.

If people don’t want this compromise, then they shouldn’t complain about “the illegals” or of our government’s treatment of them.

David Ivan Piccioni