Nader Blame

I commend Mike Beilstein for having the courage and conviction to admit to being all in for the Green Party (Letters, June 28).

Conviction is important and good, but divorcing it from reality brings us where the left is today: screwed. If you want the Green Party to gain strength and become a real player, then why not run small and work your way up? You might eventually demonstrate a groundswell of support: try school board, city councilor, county commissioner, DA, etc.

Instead, the Greens keep fielding candidates for major offices who couldn’t get elected dogcatcher. They play the spoiler instead of doing any good. Could’ve had the first environmentalist president but we got George W. and the Iraq/Afghan War — yay Ralph! Instead of suck it in and support Hillary we get Trump — yay Jill! So now, maybe instead of DeFazio we can have Art Robinson? 

There actually is, contrary to Green doctrine, a measurable difference between the Obamas and Trumps of the world. Make your case and grow your base, but when it’s crunch time please put the Green Party shoulder behind the left/center candidate who can win.

Time to vote these MAGA bastards out, not split the vote and keep them in. 

Bill Barnett