Run Out The Developers

The Eugene City Council wants to ban the feeding of various creatures living in our midst as per their meeting June 11.

These creatures surely do not survive because of the occasional handouts they get from animal lovers. They survive because they have adapted to life in and near cities that have encroached on their homes. Some exist as part of urban growth like rats.

Suddenly the council is aghast that we have rats and is completely oblivious as to why. Urban growth: That’s why, not because people are feeding them.

The other creatures — deer, raccoons, turkeys, birds, opossums, squirrels — are here because either we have clearcut their habitat or because they were here already before the profit-driven expansion members of the planning and development department quietly lobbied to turn Eugene slowly into another north Los Angeles, where beautiful wildlife was replaced with gangs, crime and urban sprawl.

Oh, by the way: They also have a proposal to wage war on our gentle creatures with shotguns and/or poison. I never voted to have rich developers destroy our town or shoot our wildlife, did you?

I say run these profiteers out now before we have an animal bloodbath and wake up in L.A.

Arwen Strider


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