Antifa Tactics

To Portland’s Antifa: I love the First Amendment, though I wince at pornography and cry rage at hateful lyrics. My question: Isn’t the First Amendment an individual protection we each wear around us? Even though the “Patriot” Prayers were largely not Portlanders, don’t they have our same right to speak and to march?

Antifa is committed; its members are the spear to pierce our bubble of impotent inactivity. Thank you for your bravery! I am awake now and will pay better attention.

I would so prefer Antifa’s black block and masks, though, in an elbow-to-elbow stormtrooper wall behind teachers, students, mothers, fathers, children, leaders, elders, skateboards, strollers, bicycles, running shoes, walkers and wheelchairs.

Witnesses of our city silently protesting hate walking freely down our streets. So Antifa — you are Malcolm X and the rest of us need to MLK up.

Lynne Lockhart


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