Fake Heat Wave

America’s television networks have absurdly over-hyped the quite ordinary heat wave some parts of the U.S. experienced during July for obvious political reasons. Roy W. Spencer stated that, “Speaking as a Ph.D. meteorologist with over 40 years experience, this week’s heat wave is nothing special.”

Did we have heat waves back in 1963 when Martha & the Vandellas recorded the song “Heatwave?”  Did Native Americans waste their time doing rain dances before the arrival of Europeans? Was the Dust
Bowl of the 1930s just a myth created by novelist John Steinbeck for his book The Grapes of Wrath?

Climate change fever is a contagious hysteria created by people who cannot properly read a graph or understand the scientific method. Almost everything our media reports about climate is false, including
fraudulent claims of unusual ocean level rises attributable to man, the poles thawing out and the Earth burning up.

The deliberate political perversion of climate science has led to counterproductive energy policies that have killed millions of innocent people worldwide by creating unnecessary food cost inflation, which has been a proven killer of humans ever since we first started trading food for money. Green hype energy policies have increased water pollution, deforestation, topsoil erosion and the kill-off of bees. We make food with energy, so bad energy policy automatically increases hunger, unemployment and social instability.

Christopher Calder, Eugene

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