Presidential Compost

Many of my fellow citizens rue the triumph of Trump — his style of pre-emptive prevarication, his fraudulent contributions to the commonwealth. I argue that big D’s historical significance should not be overlooked.

I think he will be remembered as the Great Composter of institutions that certainly needed to be composted.

An organic gardener knows the value of compost, the ripe teeming rot of decomposition. It is where the treasures of regeneration are born, the black soil that grows the gorgeous tomato and the juicy golden corn.

So it is with institutions. They need to be broken down so that new life can be cultivated from the fertile muck of their residue. Such institutions like the State Department and the FBI are examples.

I don’t know your opinion of these institutions, but the past 50 years of their activities has not resulted in many gorgeous tomatoes or golden ears of corn. Despite their amply remunerated talent, in fact, the institutions themselves have become pathological.

So citizen gardeners like myself plan the season. We ask ourselves how best to utilize the disintegrating components to grow the good stuff.

David Hugh Tyson, Eugene