Capturing Gas

In regards to “350 Eugene Protests Pipeline in South Eugene” (EW, 7/19): In the heat of summer, it can be difficult to remember the value of affordably heating your home on the coldest days of winter. But this is why NW Natural is upgrading our system in South Eugene — to ensure that we can reliably service our customers in the area during times of high demand.

We understand that the group 350 Eugene has concerns over the need for this project, and we respect their right to voice their opinions.

Today NW Natural delivers more energy in Oregon than any other utility, yet our customers’ use of natural gas in homes and businesses accounts for 5 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Still, we know we can do better. Which is why we’re partnering with the city of Eugene on its Community Climate and Energy Action Plan. We’re also the first natural gas utility in the country to introduce a voluntary carbon savings goal of 30 percent by 2035.

One of the pivotal ways that we’re focused on reducing the carbon intensity of our product is with renewable natural gas. By capturing methane from food or even human waste, we can convert those gasses to pipeline quality for use in our system — one of the nation’s tightest and most modern. 

We believe that we all have a shared goal of helping our region move to a low-carbon, renewable-energy future. And we will continue to work with stakeholders, policymakers and our customers to make that goal a reality.

Jon Kloor, community affairs manager, NW Natural