Liberal Mouthwash

Elisha Young provided a very positive review of Mary DeMocker’s The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution (EW, 7/19).

The book takes a “holistic approach” to talking to kids, telling us “exactly what we can do,” “exactly what we need” to help them face the crisis and “still get a good night’s sleep.” To be age-appropriate is always a good idea, but peddling illusions never is. Buying a “green and sustainable” mouthwash as part of what is “actually attainable” is almost a parody of the nice, liberal consumer, who is actually part of the problem.

Every civilization has so far failed. Now there is only one global civilization — which is visibly failing grandly. Every civilization is a parasite that devours its host. And mass society becomes pathological as the eco-catastrophe moves right along.

We need to challenge the basics instead of reinforcing them.

John Zerzan, Eugene

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