What’s the Dill?

Now that The Register-Guard has eroded into mass-produced mediocrity, you’d expect Eugene Weekly to rise above its modest function as an arts and entertainment guide and recharge its journalistic mission.

Real journalism? There have been some nice precedents in the past. And God knows, there is a plethora of issues: migrant children separated and incarcerated at the border, the infamy and resignation of Scott Pruitt, Supreme Court nominations and the ongoing revelations of the Russia investigation …

There is so much being done locally in response to these and so many other issues, but what featured on the cover of the July 5 Weekly with multiple pages devoted to the topic? Pickleball!

Really? That’s just sad.

Jennifer Rowan-Henry, Eugene

Editor’s Note: EW is covering local responses, including the Families Belong Together events and the Freedom Foundation’s attacks on unions. We only come out once a week so please check online at eugeneweekly.com if you don’t see a story in the print edition.