Leveling the Letters

In the July 26 Slant section, Eugene Weekly, rightly so, castigated The Register-Guard for having days with no citizens’ letters to the editor published.

Though not quite at that level of concern, perhaps a look into EW’s own house is in order. In most issues, there are only two pages of citizens’ letters, competing with numerous ads. Odd, because letters to the editor always rank high in the yearly reader’s poll of favorite things about the Weekly. The other letters are relegated to the online version with it’s new, user un-friendly format.

Come on EW, the letters are the first thing many of us look for to keep a pulse on what the community is thinking. Do we have to be plugged in to all the tricknology? Also, why is the satirical, political comic “This Modern World” missing on occasion? Googling it, I have seen no reason.

I realize that this free paper exists because of advertising, but shortchanging public opinion only diminishes its value to the commons.

Scott Fife


Editor’s note: We love printing readers’ letters and print almost every letter we receive, with preference given to local topics. During elections or when we get a lot of Trump mail, we do put extras online.