Wake Up, Ash-Holes

In response to a writer from last week who seemed to have a huge problem with outdoor smoking locally (Letters, “Smoke and Mirrors,” Aug. 2): Please take all of the energy you are using complaining about something which affects so few, and put it into something like convincing people to use renewable energy, convincing fools that global warming is real and/or get involved in a movement that will effect the lives of many, such as your grandchildren.

In the current world we live in, the Trump administration is tearing apart so many rules and regulations that have kept us all safe. 45 is tearing apart so many things that took all of my lifetime to make happen, which are, or were, good for us all and the planet.

So rather than complaining, selfishly, that people who have been smoking the whole of their lives, now, shouldn’t even be allowed to smoke outside, I say to you and those like you: “Find something that matters to bitch about” or, as stated above, get involved in something that will affect us all, and future generations.

There are plenty of real problems out there to find, and it is true that if you are looking for something to complain about you will find it. This outdoor smoking problem seems to be more of the latter.  And this opinion is coming from a 55-year non-smoker.

Mike Nicholsen


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