Pollution Update

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sent Corvallis-based Truax Corporation a pre-enforcement notice July 13 for failing to submit its 2018 first quarter report under Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. Truax is registered with DEQ as a large importer of fuels under the program, which “requires importers of transportation fuels in Oregon to reduce the carbon intensity of such fuels by 10 percent” by 2025. While Truax did submit the report a week after receiving DEQ’s notice, DEQ referred the matter for formal enforcement, possibly due to the fact that this was Truax’s second violation since registering with the program in December of 2016. DEQ’s notice indicated that violators may have an unfair advantage over importers that are in compliance, and that violations “will impede the state’s progress toward reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner transportation system.”

Indigo Sherck/Oregon Clean Water Action Project