Pollution Update

Warnings and notices for Halsey and Organic Valley

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sent a warning letter to the city of Halsey on April 27 for discharging approximately 234,000 gallons of non-disinfected wastewater from its wastewater treatment system to Muddy Creek on March 27. The illegal discharge occurred due to a failure by a piece of equipment that had not been properly inspected by the city. DEQ’s warning letter notes the public health hazards and water quality impairment posed by such discharges. On April 18, DEQ sent Organic Valley’s McMinnville Creamery a pre-enforcement notice regarding a 7,500-gallon wastewater spill to a storm sewer and an unnamed tributary of the North Yamhill River on April 4.

Compiled by Doug Quirke/Oregon Clean Water Action Project

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