Do The Right Thing

Anecdotal information, including reports from the director Spike Lee, has spoken of profound effects on some white moviegoers who have just watched his latest movie, BlacKkKlansman. These incidents show visible demonstrations of respect and compassion toward black theater attendees.

Having seen the movie ourselves, we can attest to the potential epiphany it might engender in those who are able to open their hearts to what is transpiring on the big screen. The most powerful visuals honestly depict key moments of despicable white behavior toward blacks in our country, from the earliest days up until the present.

In watching this sordid and primitive white behavior, one can scarcely deny not only do Black Lives Matter but that giving any credence to the innocuous and vacuous phrase “white lives matter” is an affront to the mountain of pain and injustice we have inflicted and continue to inflict upon blacks. The movie’s finale reminds us that we have not left this troubled conduct behind. 

The world is sorely in need of an epiphany or awakening surrounding what many are coming to realize is our spiritual connectedness. We will only succeed in confronting and overcoming the multitude of dire problems that we currently face if we work together in love.

Many know in their hearts that we share a commonality of united purpose to make this world a place where justice is in full bloom and the spirit of goodwill inspires our every thought and deed. Our united love makes us indivisible.

Christopher & Deb Michaels