The Eugene area recently lost two remarkable women, both in their 90s. Hope Pressman, who died earlier in the summer, was a tireless advocate for the arts in Eugene and a key person in establishing the Wayne Morse Center of Law and Politics on the UO campus. “Kappy” Eaton, who died this month, spent her long life fighting for a civil society through the League of Women Voters, Common Cause and her own powerful presence at every level of government. It’s time to salute them and to welcome the young women walking in their footsteps.

• Nationally, we lost Aretha Franklin, whose song “Respect” probably taught some kids to spell, but more importantly was an anthem for feminism and civil rights. The queen of soul’s legacy lives on. 

• Climate change. We really can’t say it enough, especially when the fires around Oregon are causing our air quality to plummet. Almost all of Oregon is experiencing a drought, increasingly severe wildifires and an explosion of yellowjackets showing up in our yards searching for water. Environmental factors are even affecting the growth of Christmas trees in Pleasant Hill, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Go green, consume less, save energy and vote, damn it, because your vote affects how our government addresses climate change. On Aug. 21, the EPA announced a plan to replace the Obama administration’s clean power climate change regulations. Voting matters.

• In our Slant column last week, EW joined with what turned out to be about 400 papers, large and small, across the country to take on Donald Trump’s attacks on the media. We know some folks heard our message — we were listed on The New York Times’ website and showed up in a story in German magazine Der Spiegel. Did Trump hear or pay attention? Doubtful, but that just means newspapers and the people who read them need to shout louder and more often against the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants, the media, the poor and pretty much anyone who tries to speak truth to power.  

• Speaking of Trump. Can you say unindicted co-conspirator?