Houston, We Have A Problem

Occasionally, this paper has done something that rises to the level of good journalism. And then there is the more recent incarnation of the Weekly that dedicates cover stories and numerable inside pages to fluff stories (pickleball!) and offensive stories, such as the recent feature story about a Trump-loving UFC fighter who self-identifies as a “bully” and spouts ignorant trash about America’s winners and losers, all while claiming to do it for his “community.”

The Henry Houston article about Colby Covington is the worst piece of offensive nonsense and incoherent idol worship I have ever seen printed in this paper. I hope Houston is not on the “A” list of staff writers in the future; it’s impossible to know what he intended in producing this twaddle or what you were thinking when you printed it. If you aren’t going to make the most of your public pulpit, then stick to the social calendar and don’t flaunt your journalistic pretensions.

Jennifer Rowan-Henry


Editor’s note: If by “A” list you mean is Houston on staff, yes, he indeed flaunts his journalistic pretensions in EW each week.